CSSEdit 2.5, a visual CSS Editor that doesn’t suck.

CSSEdit 2.5 screenshotOh my God, some weeks ago I bought a license for this amazing piece of software made by the guys at macrabbit.com. This is not just another CSS Editor, this is **THE** CSS Editor.
Not only you can edit each and every aspect of the css code in a visual manner, but also, every change that you do is reflected in the display window in real time! Yay!
One of the features that i really love about this software is the “X-Ray” function, where you basically click on the different elements of the webpage you are working on, and it tells you all the CSS classes that are affecting it, you also see the full inheritance tree and you can, obviously create new CSS Classes with full inheritance control thanks to the “inspector” window.

Obviously, you also get a fully-featured text-mode CSS Editor with code sense capabilities and auto completion.
There is actually just one thing that I don’t like about this software, and it is the way it manages the windows, i mean that when you are working with the CSS for a page, you need to have 2 different windows opened, one for the “kindasorta” browser where you actually see the visual impact of your changes, and another second window for the actuall CSS code where you work, so too many times you want the browser window to be full screen, so you have to be switching windows over and over while you work, is not a big deal, but it is something that could be improvied by the use of tabs, or even better by the use of a “divided” window like Adobe Dreamweaver does for the Code / Design view.

Other than that, this software is really saving hours of my time and i could not be more happy with it, if you are into web design, i think you should really go and check it.

I wish there were something like this for windows and IE7 too, lot of friends and colleagues always tell me “hey, you should try CSSVista“… right… well, it is NOT the same, not in a million years (no offense to the CSSVista guys).

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  1. HI.

    Thanks for this post I have been looking for an inexpensive css editor for my Macbook Pro for some time. This one looks and woks great.


    by Johann, September 1st, 2010 at 3:53 am