Some CSS explanations…

Another big moment from #CSS on freenode :p

[Riyonuk] does list-style-type go on ul or li?
[reisio] Riyonuk: either, but ul is a better idea
[Riyonuk] why?
[reisio] ...and I use 'list-style'
[reisio] because ul applies to the ul and the li's within it
[reisio] li only applies to the li's
[Riyonuk] but the ul itself doesn't have bullets
[Riyonuk] the li's have bullets
[reisio] that's moot
[Riyonuk] how so?
[reisio] for the same reason saying 'guys don't have breasts' is moot
[Riyonuk] not really
[reisio] guys do have breasts
[reisio] they just don't usually have mammory glands
[Riyonuk] ok, how did we go from css bullet propertys to male breasts ]_]
[reisio] you asked :p
[reisio] breast plate?
[reisio] it's basically just the top of your chest
[reisio] female boob fun realm just happens to coincide there
[reisio] so it's become fairly synonymous
[Riyonuk] I'm just gonna add list-style-type to ul
[Riyonuk] ._.
[Riyonuk] I remmeber when were young, and every saturday after school, we'd go down to the beach, and I'd throw sand in your eyes
[reisio] yeah that was fun and lame
[Riyonuk] crap, wrong channel
[Riyonuk] XD

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