Thank you, and some questions.

Hi there visitors, I’m amazed to see the growing numbers on the stats for this site, so, thank you very much to all the people who comes here to read (and comment) about some of my writings, specially the video / audio related ones.

I am also amazed by the fact that i have 762 suscribers to this blog, i NEVER expected to reach that number…. really, so Thank you again.

There are some posts on this blog who happen to have more than 60 comments, and i was thinking about the possibility to add a forum to this site, in order to create a better place to discuss, share and learn about the things we happen to share ( serverside video encoding techniques, audio encoding, etc ).

I am pretty aware that there are already several forums and communities covering those aspects, but they are, imho, too big and they cover way too much topics.

So I’m hearing for opinions, do you think that adding a forum to this site could help to a better discussion and sharing of knowledgements ? Any feedback is welcome :)


2 Responses to “Thank you, and some questions.”

  1. +1 on the forum idea!
    Thank you so very much Diego for such an useful website.

    by Roger, August 9th, 2008 at 10:34 am

  2. Hi,

    first of all thank you for the very nice Mediainfo Mac programm. I really enjoy it. There is only one piece of information missing. I downloaded the program to find out the “quality setting” of my aac files. In late 2007 apple made it possible on the Mac to encode unconstrained (true) VBR mode files. The only program I know which is supporting this so far is “X Lossless Decoder” (XLD). I used this often with different target quality settings between 0 and 127.

    Is it possible to find out the target quality setting (range 0 .. 127) of my AAC files with mediainfo? Will it be?

    Thanks for all

    by Thomas, August 26th, 2008 at 8:45 am