Upcoming album song demo: e-life

For those of you who know me because of my music, here is a snippet of what is coming.

[flashvideo height=20 filename=/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/01-elife.m4a /]

Instruments and Software Used for this track:

  • Roland XV-5080, JV-2080 and XP-80.
  • Korg Legacy Collection (MS-20 and Polysix)
  • Rob Papen Albino 3.
  • Waves TrueVerb, the amazing API eq’s.
  • Focusrite MixMaster Platinum.
  • Native Instruments Battery & Kontakt.
  • Cubase SX3 Mac.

Produced and Composed by Diego Massanti (aka Insphire) 2008.
ASCAP / BMI / SADAIC by Diego Massanti. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this material for commercial purposes is forbidden.

One Response to “Upcoming album song demo: e-life”

  1. Hi, there! It’s been a long time and you own me some music…At least I could get some from your site :) Nice lay out, btw,I like it! I’ve got some news,too, but you gotta e-mail me…I don’t have msn anymore…Hope you upload more of your compositions soon!

    by Mariana, November 18th, 2008 at 9:00 pm