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bbPress, an amazing platform for forums and message boards!

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

In the past days, i have been working on the design and development of a new “community like” website. Since the main purpose of this site is to inform fans of a rock band about tour dates, news, events, etc, WordPress was my CMS of choice for the backend (on top of that, i have been waiting a lot to have a chance to learn the WordPress Theme API), but the real problem showed up when i had to choose what forum software i was going to use.

At first, i started by using phpbb3, which is great, but even the fact that there are some WordPress integration solutions, etc, i had to hack a lot the integration code, and it wasn’t really working as tight as i wanted to… and then…. i found bbPress!.

bbPress is a fairly young forum software developed by the same guys in charge of the WordPress codebase, it is not only a pleasure to work with it, but it is also a pleasure to modify it to fit your needs. It uses a templating engine almost 100% identical to the one on WordPress, it integrates seamlessly with WordPress, and, on top of that, it is fast as hell, what more could you ask for ? :D

If you are curious enough, you can take a look at how things are looking so far, keep in mind that this is still work in progress :)

Some CSS explanations…

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Another big moment from #CSS on freenode :p

[Riyonuk] does list-style-type go on ul or li?
[reisio] Riyonuk: either, but ul is a better idea
[Riyonuk] why?
[reisio] ...and I use 'list-style'
[reisio] because ul applies to the ul and the li's within it
[reisio] li only applies to the li's
[Riyonuk] but the ul itself doesn't have bullets
[Riyonuk] the li's have bullets
[reisio] that's moot
[Riyonuk] how so?
[reisio] for the same reason saying 'guys don't have breasts' is moot
[Riyonuk] not really
[reisio] guys do have breasts
[reisio] they just don't usually have mammory glands
[Riyonuk] ok, how did we go from css bullet propertys to male breasts ]_]
[reisio] you asked :p
[reisio] breast plate?
[reisio] it's basically just the top of your chest
[reisio] female boob fun realm just happens to coincide there
[reisio] so it's become fairly synonymous
[Riyonuk] I'm just gonna add list-style-type to ul
[Riyonuk] ._.
[Riyonuk] I remmeber when were young, and every saturday after school, we'd go down to the beach, and I'd throw sand in your eyes
[reisio] yeah that was fun and lame
[Riyonuk] crap, wrong channel
[Riyonuk] XD

Easy way to get root privileges, part 1.

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Some hours ago i was asking for some help at the IRC channel of a really large hosting company. The IRC channel is not an official support channel for this company, but some admins and company staff are kind enough to be there in order to help people, etc.
And well, the following took place. Keep in mind that i have replaced both real nicknames and also any occurence of the company name for the sake of privacy.
Enjoy :)

[RandomKid] By the way, the cookies **Hosting Company** use are no good :(
[RandomKid] anther time why, I think they can be poisioned.
[RandomKid] Will try safari now.
[HostingCompanyGuy] why not just bookmark your control panel?
[HostingCompanyGuy] RamdonKid: weren't you the same person that thought you could get root access to a server just because of an "insecure" upload form?
[RandomKid] hmmm good idea
[DiegoMax] ...
* RandomKid doesn't think, me knows.
[HostingCompanyGuy] lol
[HostingCompanyGuy] still waiting for you to show me how
[DiegoMax] kids....

Be aware of fake / counterfeit Sony “In Ear” headphones on eBay and similar places!

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Hi there, im writing this for anybody interested in how to identify fake copies of an incredibly good product like the Sony MDR-EX90 in-ear headphones.
The real thing is an amazing product that can easily compete with much more expensive offers like the JBL Reference 220 or the Etimotycs ER-6, but sadly, a lot of people is being scammed and is getting just a cheapo “made in tajikistan” imitation.

Here are some tips in order to avoid being scammed.

1) If it is too good to be true, then most chances are that it is not true:
Avoid cheap offers, the cheaper price you can find these headphones is around $60 or so, anything below that price line is for sure a ripoff.

2) Sony puts a lot of effort in packaging and branding of their products, you wont receive a Sony product in a cheap box, never EVER. If the packaging looks poor, the user manual is just a little piece of paper and there are no Sony rebates / offers inside the box, then again, most probably you were scammed.

3) The real headphones come packaged with the following accesories:

  • 3 Pairs of silicon earbuds in different sizes (Small, Medium and Large)
  • A good quality leather bag to store the headphones when you are not using them
  • A proper user manual and warranty card
  • A good quality box and overall packaging

Identifying fake SONY MDR-EX90 in-ear HeadphonesNow, an image is better than a thousand words, i took the time to create a really simple to understand image showing the main ways to identify counterfeit MDR-EX90’s, click on it to see it fullscreen.

Switching servers…

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Hi there all, just a quick note to inform you that i am switching servers in the following days.
I’m going to move this blog to a dedicated server provided by the guys at SolarVPS, why ?
Simply because i have several servers with them already so i know their service quality, also because they have an unbeatable price / features relation, and because their support is just from other world, one of the few big companies where you still can talk (chat) with the CEO eventually.
So, expect some DNS downtime in the following days. :)

The art of being a troll (or why Wikipedia lacks common sense)

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

It is happening to me right now, that some Wikipedia user called HU12, seems to believe that i am a spammer, and that the high quality Apple TV commercials that i posted on this site (almost impossible to find anywhere else) are not OK for the wikipedia users.
So the actual situation is that I go and update the video links on the “Think Different” and the “iPod Advertising” articles with the ones on this site, and this user sistematically goes and remove my updates, it has been like that for the last 3 days.
After some investigation of the facts, I found that this is one of those users with Wikipedia “awards” for removing SPAM, so it looks to me as if this user believes that the fact that i have adsense running on this site is reason enough for my site to become “not good enough” for Wikipedia’s standards.
In conclusion, this user is replacing my links with lower quality ones from YouTube.
Now, if my eyes are not failing, I CAN SEE FAR MODE ADS and “Punch the monkey” on YouTube, compared to the little adsense block that i have below each post, plus, visitors don’t need to click on ANYTHING in order to watch the better quality video… So what’s the deal dear HU12 ?

Let me tell you, i am NOT, and i have never been a spammer, but if you continue deleting the links to my videos from the page, i swear to you that i will code a program just to be sure that you are not prohibiting users from watching BETTER QUALITY versions of the material.

Regards, Diego Massanti.

Hello world!

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Hello there, welcome to this little space on the web where i share my thinkings about several things, but specially music composition / production, technology (mostly computer related) and general gadgets that i like (or not).

For a very long time, i used to think that there was no purpose at all for a blog, but some weeks ago, after losing loads of data due to a hard disk crash, i realized that sooner or later i finish losing everything that i dont have stored at some remote server with a good backup policy.

So here i am, starting this new place where i plan to share some things that could be interesting for some people, and disapointing to others :)

Have fun.
// Diego.