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Some CSS explanations…

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Another big moment from #CSS on freenode :p

[Riyonuk] does list-style-type go on ul or li?
[reisio] Riyonuk: either, but ul is a better idea
[Riyonuk] why?
[reisio] ...and I use 'list-style'
[reisio] because ul applies to the ul and the li's within it
[reisio] li only applies to the li's
[Riyonuk] but the ul itself doesn't have bullets
[Riyonuk] the li's have bullets
[reisio] that's moot
[Riyonuk] how so?
[reisio] for the same reason saying 'guys don't have breasts' is moot
[Riyonuk] not really
[reisio] guys do have breasts
[reisio] they just don't usually have mammory glands
[Riyonuk] ok, how did we go from css bullet propertys to male breasts ]_]
[reisio] you asked :p
[reisio] breast plate?
[reisio] it's basically just the top of your chest
[reisio] female boob fun realm just happens to coincide there
[reisio] so it's become fairly synonymous
[Riyonuk] I'm just gonna add list-style-type to ul
[Riyonuk] ._.
[Riyonuk] I remmeber when were young, and every saturday after school, we'd go down to the beach, and I'd throw sand in your eyes
[reisio] yeah that was fun and lame
[Riyonuk] crap, wrong channel
[Riyonuk] XD

Welcome (back) to the HTML tables age!…

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Microsoft Outlook 2007 IconOffice 2007 is a great suite of productivity applications, Microsoft Word has been for years my word processing application of choice, same goes for Microsoft Excel when it comes to spreadsheets, and… until some days ago, Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express) has been my email application of choice.
Not anymore.
Some days ago i was hired to design and code a series of newsletters for an Argentinian magazine, and even the fact that email marketing / newsletter design is not my main job, i decided to do it because, after all, it is just (x)HTML and CSS, so it should be pretty simple I though… well, i was really, but really wrong. (more…)

CSSEdit 2.5, a visual CSS Editor that doesn’t suck.

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

CSSEdit 2.5 screenshotOh my God, some weeks ago I bought a license for this amazing piece of software made by the guys at This is not just another CSS Editor, this is **THE** CSS Editor.
Not only you can edit each and every aspect of the css code in a visual manner, but also, every change that you do is reflected in the display window in real time! Yay!
One of the features that i really love about this software is the “X-Ray” function, where you basically click on the different elements of the webpage you are working on, and it tells you all the CSS classes that are affecting it, you also see the full inheritance tree and you can, obviously create new CSS Classes with full inheritance control thanks to the “inspector” window.

Illacrimo WordPress theme: validated and fixed.

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

As you maybe noticed, i am using the excellent Illacrimo theme for wordpress on this blog because, basically, i was lazy to code and design my own theme, but most importantly, because i just loved this one.

In any case, there were some minor problems about this really wonderful theme:

  1. It was not Valid XHTML
  2. It was not Valid CSS
  3. There were some minor discrepancies around different browsers (specially in the search box)

So i just fixed the whole HTML and CSS code to be 100% valid, and i also corrected the minor CSS related problems in regards to the search box.
I also did some other minor modifications regarding the line and letter spacing on the fonts to make it “easier to the eyes”.

Please note that this theme includes MY OWN ADSENSE code on it. In order to remove or replace the adsense block with your own, you MUST edit the files single.php and sidebar.php and replace the adsense block with your own. I added adsense directly inside the template to avoid the use of an extra plugin.

Also, in order to create the “info” box (like this one) or the “quote” box, you need to use a span with “info” or “quote” as the class name:
<span class=\"info\">the text for the info box goes here</span>

If you want, you can download the “fixed” version by clicking here.