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“Here’s to the crazy ones”. Remake of the “Think Different” soundtrack.

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Einstein thinks different…It was some days ago that i had some free time and i decided to re-create the glorious soundtrack from the Apple’s “Think Different” TV commercial.
I don’t know who is the original author of this, so i cant really credit him / her, but whoever you are, i really love this track, in fact, i love it that much, that i decided to make it again.
This is not an “exact” replica of the original of course, because i play it with my own style, but if you know the original, you will find that this one is pretty close to it.

You can listen or download the song by going HERE.

For the techies out there:

The Piano comes from the fabulous Steinberg’s “The Grand”.
The Strings are from the Miroslav Vitous – String Ensembles AKAI library.
All this has been sequenced and mixed in my beloved Cubase sequencer and the reverb used is Waves IR-1.