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Some CSS explanations…

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Another big moment from #CSS on freenode :p

[Riyonuk] does list-style-type go on ul or li?
[reisio] Riyonuk: either, but ul is a better idea
[Riyonuk] why?
[reisio] ...and I use 'list-style'
[reisio] because ul applies to the ul and the li's within it
[reisio] li only applies to the li's
[Riyonuk] but the ul itself doesn't have bullets
[Riyonuk] the li's have bullets
[reisio] that's moot
[Riyonuk] how so?
[reisio] for the same reason saying 'guys don't have breasts' is moot
[Riyonuk] not really
[reisio] guys do have breasts
[reisio] they just don't usually have mammory glands
[Riyonuk] ok, how did we go from css bullet propertys to male breasts ]_]
[reisio] you asked :p
[reisio] breast plate?
[reisio] it's basically just the top of your chest
[reisio] female boob fun realm just happens to coincide there
[reisio] so it's become fairly synonymous
[Riyonuk] I'm just gonna add list-style-type to ul
[Riyonuk] ._.
[Riyonuk] I remmeber when were young, and every saturday after school, we'd go down to the beach, and I'd throw sand in your eyes
[reisio] yeah that was fun and lame
[Riyonuk] crap, wrong channel
[Riyonuk] XD

Easy way to get root privileges, part 1.

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Some hours ago i was asking for some help at the IRC channel of a really large hosting company. The IRC channel is not an official support channel for this company, but some admins and company staff are kind enough to be there in order to help people, etc.
And well, the following took place. Keep in mind that i have replaced both real nicknames and also any occurence of the company name for the sake of privacy.
Enjoy :)

[RandomKid] By the way, the cookies **Hosting Company** use are no good :(
[RandomKid] anther time why, I think they can be poisioned.
[RandomKid] Will try safari now.
[HostingCompanyGuy] why not just bookmark your control panel?
[HostingCompanyGuy] RamdonKid: weren't you the same person that thought you could get root access to a server just because of an "insecure" upload form?
[RandomKid] hmmm good idea
[DiegoMax] ...
* RandomKid doesn't think, me knows.
[HostingCompanyGuy] lol
[HostingCompanyGuy] still waiting for you to show me how
[DiegoMax] kids....