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The art of being a troll (or why Wikipedia lacks common sense)

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

It is happening to me right now, that some Wikipedia user called HU12, seems to believe that i am a spammer, and that the high quality Apple TV commercials that i posted on this site (almost impossible to find anywhere else) are not OK for the wikipedia users.
So the actual situation is that I go and update the video links on the “Think Different” and the “iPod Advertising” articles with the ones on this site, and this user sistematically goes and remove my updates, it has been like that for the last 3 days.
After some investigation of the facts, I found that this is one of those users with Wikipedia “awards” for removing SPAM, so it looks to me as if this user believes that the fact that i have adsense running on this site is reason enough for my site to become “not good enough” for Wikipedia’s standards.
In conclusion, this user is replacing my links with lower quality ones from YouTube.
Now, if my eyes are not failing, I CAN SEE FAR MODE ADS and “Punch the monkey” on YouTube, compared to the little adsense block that i have below each post, plus, visitors don’t need to click on ANYTHING in order to watch the better quality video… So what’s the deal dear HU12 ?

Let me tell you, i am NOT, and i have never been a spammer, but if you continue deleting the links to my videos from the page, i swear to you that i will code a program just to be sure that you are not prohibiting users from watching BETTER QUALITY versions of the material.

Regards, Diego Massanti.